Town paying for pit bull adoptions.

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    So, the town where I grew up is pending this...thing. I don't know what you'd even call it, a stipend or something?

    The idea is that approved rescue groups can get paid $250 for every pit bull they get adopted. town is very pro-pittie, and very much for animal rights, however, I think a lot of the things they try to past are either ridiculous or downright scary. I'm not sure how I feel about this. They're supposedly trying to be really careful to make sure the "wrong" people don't use it for the hell are they going to monitor that?

    I'd really much rather see them spend the money on dog bite prevention seminars in schools, or promoting responsible ownership, or offering low-cost or free behaviorist and training services to those about to give up their dogs because they don't know what to do about barking/digging/chewing.

    Cash for Pit Bulls In New L.I. Adoption Plan - Local News - New York, NY -

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