Three dogs. One has issues

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    3 dogs 1 cat
    Hi! I have three dogs, a very old Brussels Griffon female, a Pom mix female and a poodle mix medium size male dog. My dogs are rescue dogs and the poodle mix is beautiful. I've had him almost a year and am having some serious issues with him. I train my dogs myself, they are very well behaved and great dogs. I think the poodle mix came from a very abusive home when he was hit, had things thrown a him, and kept in a crate most of his life. He's very fearful. Bit me five times the first week I had him. He's finally calmed down and is getting to be a great dog.. Finally. Lots of love, patience, and work has paid off. I have a problem that I need help with. He's deathly afraid of my son. He loves my son and whines for him, but runs, barks and acts terrified of him. When my son takes him outside on the leash or downstairs hes fine. It's very odd and I can't figure out what to do about it. Its like he's being protective of me and my husband. Does anyone have any ideas what I could try?

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