Those stories we look back and laugh about

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    I'm sure almost everyone has one. The "child car seat thread" got me thinking. Doesn't everyone have one of those stories that could have ended up very badly, but by the grace of god we are now able to look back on with a chuckle? While there are obviously some stories that never become lighthearted (even with a happy ending), some do. I think it might do us all a favor to remember that we are only human too!

    Here are a few of mine from when I was a young child.

    1) One day, my mom left my brother and I in the yard for a second to run inside and grab something. I was probably 3 and he was maybe 1.5 years old. It was a quick "oops I forgot to check the oven" type of moment. Well, she returned to the yard in a matter of a minute or two and my brother was gone. My mom turned to me and asked frantically, "Annie, where did your brother go!?" to which I responded "he blew away..."

    Good news - we found him! :p

    2) Another missing brother story... At this point I was probably 8 and my brother 6 and a half or so (maybe a bit older). We were on a hike with my family and another family and some of us kids were running ahead on the trail. I guess my parents figured that they weren't going to wrangle us as there were a few older kids in the mix and the trail wasn't too long. Well they got to the bottom of the mountain and my brother wasn't there with the rest of the kids. Ensue panic. It turns out that in his haste to catch up with the "big kids" he had accidentally taken an offshoot trail that everyone had overlooked on the way up the mountain. He was a trooper though - he had learned that the blaze color told you which trail you were on and when he noticed the blazes were the wrong color he stopped in his tracks and waited for my family to find him.

    Obviously, both of those stories could have ended up horribly badly. But as it turned out, we laugh about them and they're passed down as stories of our childhoods.

    My parents were awesome, by the way!

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