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    Ahh Cali the vicious comments are the BEST!

    It's funny, I get the "SHE'S SO VICIOUS - why would you take a dog like her out?" comments and I also get the "Oh, she doesn't look so bad!" comments where they totally blow off my warnings. The best was when this dumb lady started letting her dog come up to Quinn. When she was still quite a ways away I said "she's not good with other dogs, please" but of course she either doesn't know how to work her flexi lead or is just brain dead. Quinn barks at the dog and she goes "OH wow, you weren't kidding!!". :confused: Did you think I was? Why would you risk it?

    Just last week we were walking and an older couple and their fat, older JRT are walking down the street. I pull Quinn off to the side and ask for her attention and start feeding her treats. They take this as a gesture I want our dogs to meet which is fine, I understand - it's not like I yanked her away and ran off. I politely tell them "she's not good with other dogs, sorry - that's what we're trying to work on right now" and the guy goes "well, she doesn't look like she's bad with other dogs, but okay" like I'm a total idiot and he knows my dog better than I do.

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