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  1. LONDON (UK) — Authorities won't prosecute "Harvey" the Bulldog for speeding, reckless driving or car theft, but if he's ever caught driving again, he'll have a lot of explaining to do.

    Yesterday, The Sun reported that the three-year-old dog was responsible for sending Johnny Vaughan's £60,000 sports car (worth about $100,000 US) careening into a parked van.

    According to Mr. Vaughan, host of BBC's talk show Johnny Vaughan Tonight, the portly pooch had been riding with him in his Maserati 3200GT coming home from the veterinarian in southwest London.

    Mr. Vaughan describes: "I stopped because Harvey, who was in the front and had a sore tummy, looked like he needed the toilet.

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    Wow that is awful!
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    :) But Funny LOL
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    Prob. drives better than some people too.

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