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Discussion in 'Dogs - General Dog Chat' started by Southpaw, Apr 25, 2012.

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    My sister has (or had) two dogs - a 4ish year old bichon and an 8 year old boxer. She has a 6 year old son whose allergies have finally been officially diagnosed, even though it's been pretty obvious his whole life that he has allergies. And my sister being the drama queen she is, was ready to get rid of the dogs 2 seconds later because all of a sudden it's an emergency (she actually insinuated to my mom that she thought we needed to get rid of our pets too - no freaking way!).

    Now, my sister is not a dog person at all. The dogs don't get walked or played with. They are starved for attention. My sister can be gone for 12+ hours and not even think about her dogs. They have been crated for 24 hours before. Basically she really doesn't have any business owning dogs, and I've always felt bad for them.

    So anyway, she found a home for the bichon, and they took her this weekend for a 1 week trial just to make sure it all worked out. She got a call from the family today saying they don't even need to finish the trial - they are 100% in love with the dog and are absolutely keeping her. Their 13 year old daughter is over the moon in love with her, Daisy gets to sleep in bed with her and they think she's the most perfect dog ever.

    At first it irked me that my sister was so quick to get rid of her dogs but the more I thought about it.... this is the PERFECT scenario. To end up in a home where they are actually acknowledged and cared for.

    She still has the boxer... I don't think she will ever be able to find a home for an 8 year old boxer. I would take her in a heartbeat if my parents would allow it. But I'm happy for Daisy.
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    I am all for private rehoming where the dogs are onto better homes! Which as it sounds like, this totally is.

    Congrats to Daisy!! and lots of *VIBES* on finding a home for her boxer..

    There is a lot of shame and whatever that goes along with wanting to rehome dogs (no matter what the reason) and IMO, it's a ridiculous thing to make someone feel bad about. Sometimes, dogs just aren't the right fit.. things don't work happens even with the most well laid plans.
    As long as the person isn't the kind who drops them off at shelters or rescues or on the street and keeps getting dogs..then I see no issue with finding a dog a loving home where he/she is more suited.

    Personally, I think responsible rehoming is a perfectly fine thing to do and totally seemed right for little Daisy :)

    I hate when the "I'm giving my dogs up to make room for baby" threads start up and people start throwing rocks.
    Of COURSE I don't agree that babies = getting rid of dogs.
    but I don't believe in shaming people into keeping dogs they don't want.. I don't think any dog deserves to be in a home where he/she isn't wanted or cared for.
    Inform and educate of course, and I'm glad if people find that they CAN keep their animals.. but shaming people who already know they can't or turning them off to even looking for loving homes on listing sites instead of just DROPPING the dog off somewhere.. sucks IMO

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