The waiting (new puppy) is driving us crazy..

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    A little over 5 weeks ago we lost our beloved Jasmine and about 6 weeks prior to that , Darby. They had been with us little over 13 years.
    They kept us active out here on the acreage. Taking them for walks , just being outside with them , taking them to various parks for a picnic and change of scenery..all that gone.There was a huge vacancy in our hearts and lives.

    We found ourselves simply sitting around looking at pictures of Jasmine and Darby and watching endless hours of mundane TV , so we decided to get another dog..maybe even a second later (in the fall) as it was always such a joy having two of them around.

    A friend had some Golden Retriever / Black Lab cross puppies so we went and looked at them and and fell for a little cream colored female. We were so excited we spent the next few days running around to all the pet stores buying all the necessary puppy things,but we had a while to wait until the pup was old enough to leave the litter.

    That was about 3 weeks ago and now we're starting to wonder if we made the right decision and are really ready for another dog in our lives...yet..

    The other day a small stray wondered down the driveway and it was quit cold outside. We brought it into the house and were all over it , getting a blanket for it to lie on , giving it a few small treats in case it hadn't eaten for hours , fussing over it until it's owners came to pick it up.

    Every time we see someone with a dog and get a chance to talk to them and pet it , guess what we're doing.

    I'm positive that when we finally get Tally home with us , all will be great. Always has been whenever we've brought a new dog into the fold.Just won't watch any more "Dog Whisperer" or AFV spoiled dog videos anymore.They make you aware of all the things you can do wrong a second guess yourself all the time.

    Txs for listening.

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