The Pond Mishap

Discussion in 'Dog Stories' started by tara, Jul 9, 2006.

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    When Foster was about 5 months old he really hated water. Me, my mom and the pup were over at my aunt and uncle's house and they have a pond that is about 3 feet deep. I just let Fozzie run around in the backyard because it was all fenced in and everything, and didn't think anything of it. There were fish in the pond, and of course my little pup would be curious of the fish. So we were all just sitting on the deck and we hear a little splash, and I just thought that Foster had probably just dipped a paw in the water, but then I hear frantic splashing and so I ran over to the pond and there was Foster, of course he had fallen in and couldn't get out! So I lifted the soaking wet little pup out of the stinky fish water and put him on the deck and he just stared at me like "WHAT JUST HAPPENED TO ME!!" He was so freaked out! it took him a while to not be scared of water anymore. Now he is 1 year and almost 3 months and loves water! He has a little pool in the backyard and he'll even go into the creek at the little park we play in. He hasn't gone any where near a pond since that day though! He sticks to pools, creeks and lakes!

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