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    Well, here I am again promoting our newest website, The Pet Parlor, as I do every Monday. However, this time, I'd like to talk a little bit about our pets and how they make our website so homey.

    We have a retired racing greyhound named Christy Black who is an absolute angel and I recommend anyone who is interested in adopting a dog to try a greyhound. They truly need homes and are ever so grateful when you give them one but, as I tell everyone who's interested, remember to do your homework before adopting one of these "special needs" dogs. So many greyhounds have been abused (just like ours) that it's good to know what you're getting into before adopting one. As far as Christy goes, tho', we wouldn't trade her for anything--she's the best dog we've ever had!

    Our other baby is our cat, Marya, a black tiger-stripe we opened our home to when she was just seven weeks old. Her mother was a stray and Marya was the only female in a little of five. She's an absolute darling and is the designated queen in our little household.

    Our third child is Ebony, an Angora guinea pig and a complete mamma's boy we rescued from a pet store that was going out of business. At one time, we had twenty-five animals at once, most of them rescued from pet stores and/or mercantile stores that were going out of business--everything from lizards and fish to an assortment of rodents, dogs and cats, we've had them in our house. It was a lot of work but a most rewarding experience.

    We honestly can't imagine our lives without animals and that's why we wanted to create The Pet Parlor! Our website is compiled of items for both the owner and the pet, making it a very versatile place to shop for that unique gift you can't find anywhere else...especially if you want a specific breed associated with your gift.

    Well, that's enough about us, but do remember to drop by The Pet Parlor and check out our merchandise. We're always adding to our catalogue so there's always something new to see. Also, let us know what you think about our website by dropping us a line in our guestbook located on our main page--we love hearing from people.

    Your friends at The Pet Parlor: :)

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