The gorilla and the lion

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    hahahaha so there was this guy that preached at my church on Sunday... this joke cracked me up! It's a little different from the original version of this joke that I've heard. I'll do my best to retell it.

    So... a man applied for a position at a nearby zoo. The manager wasn't sure about giving him the job. That day the zoo's Gorilla died. He was the main attraction. The zoo manager offered the man a job if he would dress up in a gorilla suit and pretend to be a gorilla until they could replace the deceased one. The man, needing a job badly, accepted the position.

    He played the gorilla part so well that no one realized it wasn't a real gorilla. The next day the manager came up to him and explained that the old gorilla had been taught a trick that made him so loved by all the people who came to see him. He had been taught to swing across the vine over the lion cage and swat the lion on the head with a rolled up newspaper and then swing back to his own cage without being bitten by the lion.

    The man was terrified of this idea, but needing this job so bad he gave it a shot. He swung across the vine, swatted the lion across the head as the lion roared at him and then swung back to the safety of his own pen. The crowds cheered. Every day the man performed the same stunt. He was beginning to love his new job. The crowds went nuts over him.

    One day the man prepared for his daily swing to the lion cage. As he swung over the lion cage and swatted the lion in the head with the newspaper he accidentally let go of the vine with his other hand. He fell right into the lion's pen. The lion leaped onto him and roared. The man, fearing for his life, screamed out, "HELP HELP, SOMEBODY HELPPPP MEEEE!!!!" The lion replied, "Shutup man or you'll get us BOTH fired!"
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    That's funny !

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