The Butcher of Burnham Way

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    To all my pals who read my first chapter and were waiting for a second it's finally here.


    The lone light in the room pierced my eyes. It was deliberately angled to blind me although I could still make out the shadowy figure pacing in the background. The temperature in the room was hot, Africa hot. I hadn’t had a drink for hours and no matter how much I begged there were no treats forthcoming. I was sitting in the interrogation room, exactly where was anybody’s guess. It could have been the Hanoi Hilton for all I knew.

    “Bo, come on now. Just get it off your chest and you’ll feel a lot better,†the voice said to me. “You have no alibi, witnesses have stated they saw you around the scene of the crime plus you had every motive to commit this offense.â€

    “Shouldn’t I have a lawyer here?†I asked.

    “I’m sure he’s on his way. In the meantime just tell us what you were doing around 6:00pm this evening.â€

    I knew what I had done was wrong. I had done it many times before but hadn’t suffered any serious penalties. I had not fully anticipated the consequences of my actions on this occasion, however. Unlike the other episodes, blood was everywhere around the house. It was on the floor, the window panes, the wall and the front door. The only thing that appeared missing was the victim’s body.

    “I was sleeping, waiting for my parents to come home. I don’t know how the blood got everywhere,†I countered unconvincingly.

    “Liar! You killed something Bo. The evidence is all around. Look at the blood on the walls, on the floor, on the windows!! How did you do it? Did you tear up the victim with your mouth or did you use the doggie hair clippers? Come clean and you’ll feel a whole lot better.â€

    “I…I don’t know what you’retalking about.â€


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