Tennessee Rescue Needs Assistance Throughout New England!!!

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    "Tennessee Rescue Needs Assistance Throughout New England!!!


    All About Rescue and Fixin Inc. (A.A.R.F.) is a 501(c)(3) organization located in the Upper Cumberland region of Tennessee. We are attempting to expand our rescue and are looking for people throughout New England with a desire to save the thousands that are dying here each day. We are looking for assistance with fostering, transport, home inspection, etc. When I tell you the need is urgent - that is an understatement. A.A.R.F. works in a 14 county area on an all volunteer basis - and 11 of these counties have no animal shelter. Some of these counties have no animal control and no veterinary services available. There have been studies conducted showing that the animal population in this region is approximately 90% of the human population. Along with the other groups in this region, we are attempting to save as many as we can, spaying or neutering EVERY animal before adoption - but there are just not nearly enough homes for all of these animals. We have had recent success with finding WONDERFUL homes throughout New England for some of these animals - but are limited due to distance. Want to really make a difference?? Join us!!! aarfpets@yahoo.com "

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