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Discussion in 'Cat and Pet Forum' started by FoxyWench, Oct 8, 2008.

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    Boo as he is now called, a little albino parrotlet, managed to get form mas to fairfield county ct. after some reaserch it became very clear that not only the owner was a prick (they purposely let him out and "hoped hed get eaten or soemthing") the breeder doesnt seem too interested either.

    hes been here a week today and is starting to come around slowly, hes very sweet but still rather frightend and p'lets take a long time to "calm" in a new situation.
    as a bird parrotlets are sweet and quiet, no worries for apartment life. We'll see what happens. hes quite friendly when out, but like all parrots likes to take a nip when hes frustrated.

    right now im debating, i realy have 2 options...
    option 1 is keep him, i can afford food, emergency vet care would be tight but doable...and i manged to get a cage donated!
    option 2 is to rehome him and hope he settles in. I think hes going to make an awesom pet in the right hands.

    im planning, in a few yrs time to add either a green cheek conure of a hahns macaw, but wasnt planning on a bird yet...but it seems like hes chosen me. when i take him out he sits quietly...when anyone else holds him he expressed a dislike...so

    we'll see what happens...pictures will be comming next week.

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