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    Anybody on here ever had tegus?

    We're thinking of getting back into lizards in a few years. I'm not ready to get into them yet, but miss having them. First we want to get our corns settled in with someone and have some time to just..I don't know, let it settle a bit.

    Anyway, we want large, sturdy animal who is big enough to resist being eaten by a cat. If it's big enough to threaten the cat, that won't hurt my feelings at. all. ;)

    For handling, we like big lizards, like cat sized, that are gentle and enjoy human interaction.

    Diet isn't a problem. I had a green iguana who passed away a couple of years ago at the age of 17, and doing a balanced veggie diet is probably the hardest thing ever so any diet at this point won't be an issue.

    We're looking at argentine black and whites, chacoan white heads, and red tegus. The reds are my favorites so far, but the only one I have met in person is kind of....feisty. And he is handled a ton. Does anyone know if they are all like that?

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