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  1. OMG!!! mom hasnt been paying attention but prince has lost his front teeth and his to large canine teeth on the bottom... i am so excited... i looked at them today and his left side has a tooth protruding thru... i am so excited... but his teeth are gigantic... he chews on bones like crazy... is that okay now or should i watch it to make she he doesnt bleed? please let me know
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    Give him some teething chews. Lots of chewy things to sooth his gums.
  3. oh man this dog has so many chewy toys... the problem is he can tear up a black kong lol.. so we got one of those firehose things... it is withstanding pretty well but you know things can happen to it... and he absolutely loves it and he chews all the time but i never see teeth... or ever even know they are gone till i look... lol... which is crazy lol... anyway any other suggestions they hate carrots... we tried carrots didnt work... so we need something else..

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