teddy was so good today

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    Today was a busy day for us and Teddy. We are starting the transition period for moving to canada so Brian is looking for a room to rent until he can come up to canada also and we went and checked out a place today and the lady requested that we bring teddy along so she could meet him. I have to admit I was a little worried about how he was going to behave because he can be excitable and being in a new house doesn't help. BUT he was the perfect gentleman. he EVEN offered to sweep her floors lol (he stole the mop and tried to run off with it lol) but other than that he was perfect. No jumping and he wasn't being obnoxious at all. Except for when she got on the floor and played with him and baby talked him lol then he was all about smothering her with kisses and knocked her over so she didn't stand a chance against his drooly face lol. I was a little worried about him staying somewhere else until I get settled in an apartment in canada and can keep him there with me but my fears have been laid to rest. he seems very comfortable in that house and with the lady that lives there.

    When we came back home i was taking him for a walk and a dog from across the street came running over ( he wasn't on a lead and the owner was screaming don't worry he's friendly lol) His name was blue and he is three years old and he looked to be a pit bull mix. Anywho he came running over to teddy and they had a great time romping and playing. Although teddy did try to mount blue once but blue put that idea to rest with a quick snarl lol Other than that they were running and jumping with each other and having a grand ole time :D

    I am so proud of Teddy's behaviour today I just had to share lol sorry it is so long :D

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