Teaching Gracie to play gently with kitten..any ideas

Discussion in 'Dog Training Forum' started by gapeach, Nov 6, 2013.

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    Under advice our last foster kittens stayed in a seperate room and we waited for them to get bigger before gradual introductions. They never got used to eachother before they were adopted.
    This kitten, Zoey we got at 2 weeks old, so I was constantly carrying her around..to feed her, wipe her bottom and get her warm. Gracie has seen her a lot more. It started with me holding Gracie's collar while Zoey went where she pleased. A few times Gracie grabbed at her. But over time I think she's decided Zoey is ours. I still hold Gracie's collar..but now let her approach Zoey. She has smelled her and licked her several times now.
    Today Gracie watched as I played with Zoey. Zoey ran right in front of Gracie several times and acrossed her feet, even patting on her nose (with no claws) Gracie was fine. But she wants to play, she pushed her paw out to Zoey. And was getting excited, ready to bark. I praised Gracie for taking all this in stride.
    How do I move forward from here?

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