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    A few years ago, I spent a few months volunteering in farms at the zoo. The velt was my home, but it was fun to have a change of pace. While there I got to know the animals, of course, and I had a few favorites. One of those favorites was Tar, the mammoth jack. When I was there she had on again off again health issues, mostly related to arthritis and such, and spent a good bit of time at the vet hospital on site. I remember throwing watermelon to everyone, and poor Tar freaked out about this big green thing that apparently exploded into redness lol. She loved it after she got brave enough to go sniff it. I last visited her about 2 weeks ago. She was old and as lame as ever, but still hanging in there.

    Wednesday night in my zoo science class, we toured the farms. It was about time for everyone to go to pasture, so some animals were ourside waiting, and some where in the barn. The farms keeper was talking to use a bit about the equines - Shasta the ACD, the several poitou donkeys, and Banshee the draft mule. When she was talking about the draft mule, she was saying how she was a cross between a draft horse - likely a Belgian - and a mammoth jack. When she got to the point, she said that they used to have a mammoth jack, but they had to put her down that morning.

    RIP Tar. Although I didn't know her as well as I know my elephants and rhinos, she will be missed. She was about 20 years old, and probably the sweetest animal in the entire farms.
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    So sorry.

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