Talk about a frickin heart attack....

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    So I let the dogs out to go to the bathroom. Where we're staying right now we're acting as night security at my in law's storage unit which is private property and secluded, so we can let the dogs off leash there. I'm refilling their water from in the garage, when suddenly they bolt. At first I thought they were going after one of the feral cats, when I heard a guy's voice and some commotion....

    I go running out there to find a guy standing in the darkness, and Ma'ii and Charlotte BOTH pinning a husky puppy. They weren't hurting it, just pinning it, and booooy did this poor thing look scared. I ran over and pulled them off, and the guy, who was a homeless man that lived up on the hill behind where we are and was just passing through, explained the dog (who's name was "Binky") was very submissive. I explained that my two really weren't friendly towards strange dogs, and while I was happy his dog wasn't hurt and that I wasn't going to give him trouble for trespassing, he was lucky and he should probably avoid that area in the future, at the very least for his dog's safety. He agreed, apologized, and promised he'd avoid the area in the future.

    Thank GOD it was a defenseless puppy and not an older, more confrontational dog....

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