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    I know that some members here use T-touch on their dogs. I've started it with Gambit, and I'm noticing a few odd things. There is no one local who can show me hands on, so I'm making do with what I've read on the internet and seen in videos, so this might be error on my part as well.

    1- While I'm massaging him, Gambit licks me pretty much constantly. He has the half closed eyes going on, and it doesn't feel like appeasement licking in my gut. Is this normal?

    2-He wants to drink a lot of water right after we do it. Like, gulping at the dish, even though its down all the time

    3- As soon as I finish a session with him, he get really, really, ramped up. As in scooting in circles on the bed, grabbing toys and bones that he very seldom looks at, prancing wildly. Very out of character for him.

    Are any of these things cause for concern? Am I doing it wrong, or is this what happens with a lot of dogs.

    FYIi- I haven't had a massage in years because I can't afford them. Lucky coyboy gets them nightly.
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    I actually bought the book and cards to follow. I haven't noticed the things you pointed out. Maybe your dog just has lots of energy and goes nuts when you're done because he's happy. Maybe he's licking because he likes it.

    Smkie has gone to t-touch lectures and does it so she may be able to give you more insight.
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    MIne usually lay there totally relaxed but not zonked out. There are many videos on utube, I watched those and it helped. Mine are excessively happy after. Maybe Gambit is just that.

    What I do notice is the deep breath and sigh, and mouthing a bit as soon as i start.

    IF you pm me your email address I can forward you the newsletters from Patn2Paws Victor's t-touch coach.

    I try hard to target the pressure points that I posted in my photo gallery on here and combine the ttouch with the knowledge of those. believe it truly helped all of my dogs including Neccy.

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