Sweet Pea (APBT at the rescue I volunteer at)

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    We have been trying to find her a local APBT rescue but they are all full here.
    She needs a EXPERIENCED APBT owner. SHe is a perfect example of a gamebred APBT. She is DA but not to the point where she cant live with another dog, the owner just has to be hypervigilante and know canine body language. I would take this girl in a instant if I could. SHe loves to cuddle and LOVES babiies. She is in LOVE with Bev. She would be a great addition to any family seeking a APBT that KNOWS what they are doing. The owner of the rescue wants her to find the best home possible and in his, mine and everyone elses we are not equipped to find that home NOR do we have the people looking at our rescue that we would like to take her. They have had to turn away so many people :(. If anyone would like to adopt her/crosspost her or know of a rescue please let me know.

    Her petfinder
    Adopt a Pit Bull Terrier: Sweet Pea: Petfinder

    Her Story
    Suncoast Animal League - Adopt a Pet in Pinellas County, Florida

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