Sweet dog Euth today. Please read Georgia. Not sure if anyone has helped.

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    Petfinder Adoptable Dog | Hound | Rome, GA | 2910

    PETS FLOYD AC ROME GA must have rescue commitment 4PM 11/30

    From Facebook posting
    ♥ Donna ♥
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    2910 Hound/Labrador Retriever Mix ~ female - Oh my Gosh - how can you not smile and fall in Love with this puppy ??!!! She's under a year old,, PLENTY of life and love ahead of her,, but she needs YOUR help to make it out alive ~ hurry please !! Petfinder Adoptable Dog | Hound | Rome, GA | 2910 If you are on the official approved list at the shelter, you may make your offer directly to the director by emailing broomej@floydcountyga.org (@floydcountyga.org) or by calling 706-236-4545. THE SHELTER'S RESCUE COORDINATOR, VICKY, IS AT THE SHELTER FROM 12:30PM THROUGH 5:30PM ON MONDAYS & TUESDAYS. PLEASE CALL VICKY AT 706-236-4545! In order to be approved to pull under your own license from Georgia shelters, you must have a Georgia license. FCAC continues to welcome out of state rescues! Any rescue on the approved list at the shelter can pull animals for you! If you need a referral to a rescue that can pull for you, please contact Ronda at rondawoman22@aol.com (@aol.com). PLEASE BE SURE TO INCLUDE THE WORDS "RESCUE OFFER" IN YOUR SUBJECT LINE SO THAT YOUR PRECIOUS, LIFESAVING OFFER IS NOT MISSED. Volunteers are available to pick up animals from the shelter and take them to local boarding and vet clinics for you! If you need assistance to find someone to pick up animals for you--Ronda at rondawoman22@aol.com (@aol.com). She can also furnish you with the contact information for local vet clinics and boarding options! PLEASE ONLY CALL THE SHELTER CONCERNING RESCUE ON THE CRUCIAL DAYS OF MONDAY AND TUESDAY-- ALL OF THE STAFF HOPE THAT AS MANY FCAC ANIMALS WILL BE SAVED AS POSSIBLE-- IN FACT, THAT ALL FCAC ANIMALS WILL BE SAVED!!! So that they ask that you keep the phone lines available for rescue calls and for those in the community calling on behalf of animals in need! IF YOU ARE NOT ON THE APPROVED LIST, Please contact Ronda at rondawoman22@aol.com (@aol.com) if you need a referral to a rescue that can pull for you! NOTE FOR RESCUES: THE SHELTER REQUIRES THAT ALL RESCUE REQUESTS BE SENT USING A RESCUE HOLD REQUEST FORM. TO ACCESS A DOWNLOADABLE COPY OF THIS FORM, PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW: Rescue Groups THE RESCUE HOLD REQUEST FORM IS THE FORM HIGHLIGHTED IN RED ON LINE 4 OF THE INFORMATION YOU MUST SUBMIT. If you are an out of state rescue having dogs pulled for you by a rescue on the approved list, please be sure that the rescue pulling for you sends in this form to the shelter! IF THE LINK ABOVE DOES NOT WORK, PLEASE GO TO THE SHELTER'S PETFINDER SITE AT Floyd County Animal Control in Rome, Georgia AND CLICK ON THE LINK TO VISIT FCAC's official county government website. The link to necessary forms is at the bottom of the home page under Additional Resources/Rescue Groups! THE FORM CAN BE ATTACHED TO AN EMAIL AND EMAILED TO JASON BROOME AT broomej@floydcountyga.org (@floydcountyga.org) or faxed to 706-233-0032. <3 Donna <3

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