Sustainable wee wee pads

Discussion in 'Dog News and Articles' started by Billie Sun, Dec 10, 2012.

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    So I looked what seems everywhere to find environmental alternatives from those icky wee-wee pads.

    I found that turf like stuff but after about a week, it stunk so badly!!

    I finally found real grass! Gosh what a fricken relief! I am environmentally conscious and try to minimize my carbon foot print as much as I can so finding this Doggielawn was great!

    My dog adjusted to it super quick and loved it since. I am usually working throughout the week and always feel terrible that my little pup is home alone and probably have to go to the bathroom!

    But with the doggielawn my pup and I are both happy. He uses it whenever I am not home or in the midst of making dinner and can't take him on a walk right away! I recommend doggielawn for anyone!

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