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    I have a question for all the agility people out there. So Spy and I love agility, but he consistently jumps low and flat, and often takes off way too early. He knocks bars at home, and knocks a LOT of bars when we train anywhere different and he gets more excited. Sp he is not just an 'occasional' bar dropper, he is constantly knocking them down and just doesn't seem to care. For this reason I haven't pursued agility as much as I would like because I have heard from a number of people that dogs who are bar-droppers probably will always be and its not really a fix-able problem. Or if not unfix-able, it is very ingrained and the training I do would likely fall apart in a competition environment.

    Anyway, someone I trust recently suggested I check out Susan Salo's jumping videos. So far I have heard really good things about them, but I would love everyone here's opinion on how good they are and if a dog like Spy can really be turned around and become a reliable, good jumper. He is so fast and loves it so much, it seems like a huge shame to give up on it :(

    Unfortunately because I am a student and totally broke (lol), I can't afford to buy all her DVDs so I am considering the puppy foundations one. I posted an ad on craigslist to see if anyone would be willing to sell their used copy for a slightly lower price too, so maybe something will pan out there :) I just want to make sure that if this is what I will spend that money on (it's expensive) that it is a good investment and has worked for other people.

    All input is welcome of course :) Thanks!

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