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Discussion in 'Dog Food and Recipes' started by luna_17, Aug 21, 2008.

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    Hi well aswell as Pro plan we have bough luna dog food called supadog we havent heard of it before but it is for senstive bellys: here is what is says
    This complete diet is gentle on a dog's digestion and skin, and contains absolutely no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. It's a classic single protein/single carbohydrate combination made with tasty lamb and rice, it's gluten free and contains plenty of digestible fibre. Basted in real meat juices for extra taste, kind & sensitive has been carefully tested at independent kennels and consistently out performs our competitors' products.
    kind & sensitive is just what a dog needs to stay happy and healthy.

    Everything you need to know about kind & sensitive
    Hypoallergenic to help keep skin and digestion in peak condition
    Wheat gluten free for healthier digestion
    Contains digestible fibre for good digestive health
    Added Vitamin E to support cell regeneration
    Meat proteins to help maintain lean body mass
    Formulated for optimum digestion
    With sugar beet for better stool quality
    Meaty coating for extra taste

    what do you think about it compared to pro plan?
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    Can you post the ingredients?
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    Dogfoodananalysis gives all of the supadog products pretty low reviews.

    The only ingredients they list for this one are: rice, lamb meal, sugar beet pulp, animal fats, digest, salt, antioxidant EC additives.

    That can't possibly be everything in this food though. One of the reviews on the site even said "We give this food a rating of 1 because there isn't anything lower to give it"

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