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    2 dogs at home, 2 dogs with the parents 6 peacock
    so a friend of mine reacently "adopted" a glider from a not so reputable source..the glider was free, so at least she didnt support some byb but still

    well they told her he was neutered...her glider loved him...all well and good...
    untill 2 joeys come along...

    she had to seperate her girl out becuase at 8 weeks oop the male was trying to kill the 2 joeys...
    there now 10 weeks there abouts out of pouch and the male has since been neutered and is good to go according to the vet...and her female is missing her buddy...but the babies cant go in with the pair...

    a friend of mine with another female is taking the little girl...and due to the situation it looks like ill be holding onto the little boy for a while, at least untill we can figure things out...either ill fall madly in love and keep him or we'll rehome him when the right home omes along...
    shes giving me a cage with him and ive got a bunch of stuff that ive for whatever reason been collecting through the years..
    ive read up on diet and know quite a bit about them IN THEORY...

    so yeah...
    i know theres a few glider folks on here...anyone want to throw some none theory my way...lots of articles tell you how it should be done...but yeah...i like first hand experience and pointers...

    also if anyone can reccomend a preferd brand dry food...ive seen the various recipies online but i think id rather...for now at least have a set "this is the brand you should feed" and "heres what food you should leave in there all the time" and "each night give 1/4 an apple" and such.

    thankies and i promise pictures when ive got a working camera
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    We feed the Suncoast diet. It involves a staple food and then a nightly rotation of fresh fruit/veggies, a protein source, and a calcium/vitamin supplement (we mix the vitamins in apple juice and then freeze them into ice cubes). The staple food (called Zookeeper's Secret) is only available through this site. The calcium and vitamin/mineral supplements are all there, too.

    Sugar Glider Diet

    As I'm sure you've seen, there a bunch of diets out there, and even MORE controversy regarding which diet is the "best". We've never had any problem with this one, and our suggie-kids seem to enjoy it just fine.

    You can browse around that site to find a LOT more care information, as well. Plus, there is a monthly e-newsletter that you can sign up for to receive updated sugar glider info.

    And since you asked for other general stuff... this is the greatest suggie toy EVER. It's called the Stealth Wheel. I prefer these over the Wodent Wheels because it is a more open design, and also because it doesn't have a center axis rod to get tangled with.

    AtticWorx Products

    I know that you like to make a lot of stuff for you dogs on your own, and you can definitely do the same with sugar gliders! As long as you use good fleece, you can make all sorts of toys for them... even without sewing! Here is a site with a bunch of good ideas and patterns.

    Suz' Sugar Gliders

    One thing to beware of with suggies and making your own toys, they are VERY sensitive to certain metals, especially zinc. Nickel and stainless steel are the two safe metals, so be sure to double-check all your metal hardware before you use it in a suggie toy.

    What kind of cage is he in right now?

    Feel free to PM me with any more questions you might have. :D While they can be a lot of work, sugar gliders are such rewarding pets!

    PS: I think you might just fall in love. ;)

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