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    Everyone thinks I'm a dork. ha ha Some of you know of my challenges with my new addition getting along with cats and other dogs. Well I don't go anywhere with out her training and bonding with her. I got her a comfy muzzle to be safe. She wasn't thrilled at first but now fine with it. I was worried because I'm staying at my moms tonight to help with turkey day in the am. (YES I'M AWAY FROM MY 3 YOUNG KIDS!!!!) My mom has a little dog with little man tude and 2 cats in a small 1 bed apt. Well through all and all she's been a good girl and I don't think its just do to the muzzle. :) Maybe diffrent being away what she finally has the feelin of home. She did bite my cat 2day but I don't think it was to hurt it just a stay away from me I don't like cats I hope. The only prob I had with her here at moms is when we got back from a walk her little dog was eating the food I brought and put down for her. She protective over food with her past i understand and know we can get past it. I will get some better pics of her while we here then get a siggy. :) So I'm a proud momma and feel and pray she getting better. She really and truely is an angel!! Nobody in my family seems to understand its such a diffrent feeling rescue a dog over a puppy. I feel way more of a bond!!! it feells great. Have a great Turkey day everyone!!!
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