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    International Dog Short Story Competition

    While publishing Top Dog Journal we used to run an Annual Short Story & Poetry Competition.

    We wrapped up Top Dog in April 1999, but just this week (Feb 11 2004) I received six more entries.

    I get the hint, I'll seriously consider restarting this competition.

    Check for up to date news on the story competition

    Please note the following information isn't locked in as yet!

    * Entries CLOSE (ie have to be with the Competition Steward) on 15TH SEPTEMBER each year
    * Results should be posted on or about NOVEMBER 15th each year
    * A book of the winners should be available for purchase on or about JANUARY 15th each year
    * Judges will be dog folk
    * An entry fee will be required, but prize money & publication are 'on the cards'

    And I do this amongst the time I spend with my 14 adult Clumbers and work
    Greetings from a hot Oz!

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