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Discussion in 'Dog Training Forum' started by BostonBanker, Aug 25, 2012.

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    This is sort of a two-part question. I will be grateful for advice on either part or both!

    I'd come to accept that Gusto is probably going to measure out of the height class I'd hoped he'd be in. I've recently had a lot of people, including some judges and some top competitors, tell me I should not be throwing in the towel, and that I can likely get him measured where I want him to be. Considering that Meg's 3 official measurements varied by a full 1/2", this may be possible. Obviously the world isn't going to end whichever way he goes - but boy would it be nice to get him in as a 16" dog! So my current training goal is to start doing what I can over the next 4 months or so before his first trial to work on measuring skills.

    Step 1: He needs a solid stand stay/stack. He's been free-shaped so much he Can Not Believe I'm not looking for something more interesting from him. I'm sure we can get this down, but I'd love any advice.

    Step 2: Getting the measurement. Does anyone have specific hints as to how to get them to measure as low as possible? Head position? How they stand? Sleeping with the judge? I think once I get a basic stand stay with Gusto, I will be able to fine tune it pretty easily - he's so very shape-able. Obviously I can't pull his shoes and trim his feet like a pony ;) but I assume I can play with his stance a bit. He's already kept pretty light weight-wise. I assume it would be frowned upon to shave the hair on his withers :D

    For what it is worth, the best measurements we can get on Mr Wiggly I Don't Have a Stand Stay puts him around 16.25" or a bit over. I'm hoping he will end up being 16" or under.

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