Stacking wire crates?

Discussion in 'Dogs - General Dog Chat' started by Saeleofu, Apr 10, 2013.

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    Do any of you have stacked wire crates, and if so, do they work well?

    I'm trying to rearrange to make more space. I have a 48" crate for Logan that has a thick plywood topper on it, and a 36" crate for Gavroche. I know the topper can hold Logan at 70ish pounds because I used it as a grooming table at the dog show. Gavroche is 53ish pounds. I don't plan on crating the dogs often, if at all, once I'm done rearranging. If I do crate, Logan is the most likely to be crated if they're both home. Otherwise it's Gavroche home by himself, and then he can go in the big crate.

    Do you think stacking the two would work and be safe? Do you/should you attach the two crates together? I could easily drill more holes in the plywood if I needed to to make more attachment points.

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