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Discussion in 'Dog Training Forum' started by tastyveggies, Oct 8, 2008.

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    my puppy (is she even a puppy anymore shes 8 months) OMG You would think we never take her out for walks. when we are out as a family , our 2 dogs myself, dh and our 2 girls, Daisy is crazy. Impossible to walk, yelps and squeals with excitment. Like it is the first time she has ever seen anything really.

    Although if I take her out on her own, she is a totally different dog. She doesnt pull, she walks next to me, no squealing or yelping.

    why the difference? I dont understand. Even if my girls are with me, shes good. Its always when we add our older dog in the mix.

    I really thought she would learn from Dusty (who is 2.5), but Dusty has no desire to teach Daisy the ways.

    How can I get her to stop being overly excited when we are our on our nightly family walk.

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