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    Guys I read the article below on another dog forum - the story really touched me and I feel so sorry for this poor soul - I think its disgraceful what the police are doing, if you agree please sign the petition.



    I refer to you article with regards to the happy retirement of police dog Kye
    who was serving with Gwent Police.
    Kye was due to be put down at the end of his service however thanks to your
    article the police have now allowed him to remain with his handler and enjoy the
    rest of his life and retirement at home.

    My Husband is a serving police dog handler and home office police dog instructor
    with Gwent police and for the past 4 years has had the honour and privilege of
    handling the most wonderful police dog.
    Saxon who is a 5-year-old German Shepherd has been an extremely loyal and
    faithful servant of the police force and has been responsible for detecting many
    Saxon has been my husband’s partner, sole mate trusted friend and loyal
    companion during his service and on many occasions my husband has been alone in
    very dangerous situations with only himself and Saxon to arrest serious and
    sometimes violent criminals.
    Both my husband and Saxon have been commended for their team efforts they even
    had a personal letter from the chief constable on one occasion.
    My husband’s stories to me are endless and amazing and I feel safe in the
    knowledge that Saxon has and will put his own life in front of my husbands to
    protect and look after him.
    When off duty Saxon lives at home and is looked after by the whole family, my
    daughter takes him for walks and always plays with him.
    Saxon lives both in his kennel and inside our home where his favourite place is
    on the sofa next to my husband, sometimes I just don’t get a look in they are
    like a married couple.

    For the past 3 months Saxon has been housed at the police kennels at Glascoed
    where he has been looked after by the police dog handlers whilst my husband has
    been away.

    A few weeks ago my husband was informed that Saxon was not to be re licensed as
    police dog and senior officers were to make a decision as to his future.
    This was happening at the same time as Kye and we suspected that they were to
    put both Saxon and Kye down at the end of their service.
    My husband stated his case and made representations on Saxons behalf offering
    him a retirement home with us as his family for the rest of his life.
    We were as a family more than happy for this to happen, Saxon is not a danger,
    as anyone who knows him or has looked after him will testify.
    We were and are prepared to sign any agreement as to liability issues with
    regards to him.

    Today my husband was informed that Saxon is to be destroyed and the reason given
    as being ‘the responsible thing to do’

    My husband is distraught and extremely upset this dog has meant so much to him
    over the years however as a serving officer cannot do anything about it due to
    the restrictions imposed on him by the service!
    He has no voice,BUT I AND MY FAMILY DO

    Therefore I want to make an appeal for Saxons life and I feel that the general
    public should be made aware of the facts, please help us to SAVE OUR SAXON.

    The police use Usk vetenary surgery at usk for all the vetenary care for police
    dogs, surely they cannot nor any other vetenary surgey be asked to put down a
    perfectly healthy, fit and loyal dog just because it has come to the end of his
    The Police management will argue that he is a dangerous dog, well that’s just
    nonsense, just ask all the handlers and kennel staff who look after him, all the
    officers who know and respect him, ask them who is the best Police dog in gwent?
    And guess who they will say.

    I feel that the police management are treating this living animal with no regard
    whatsoever, like a disposable tool, he has had his use and now its time to get
    rid of him.
    Is this the thanks that they give to a loyal and faithful servant?
    Will they do the same to other dogs in the future?
    How can anyone now donate dogs to the Police Service knowing that they will be
    destroyed at the end of their service.

    The truth about Gwent Police dog section must be heard.

    The Article that you wrote about Kye was given to you for the sole intention of
    saving his life.
    If you had not published the article then Kye would be dead.
    Ask the Police how many other dogs they have had killed.
    The police have members of the public assigned to monitor the health safety and
    welfare of Police dogs, well where are they in this case and what are they
    doing, are they just puppets on the police’s strings?

    Yes Saxon is the property of Gwent Police service that are answerable to the
    general public and police by consent.
    Saxon belongs to the people of gwent who he has protected whilst we all sleep at
    night, who has caught criminals breaking into our homes, who has with my husband
    caught numerous car thieves who has faced armed and violent criminals alone, who
    has found missing children cleaning their faces, who has represented Gwent
    Police at Regional Police Dog Trials, who has taken part in open day events, the
    list goes on and on.….SO MUCH FOR A DANGEROUS DOG.

    Saxons days are numbered he due to be put to sleep we need your help now, please
    help to save this wonderful dog.

    To register your opposition to killing Saxon please e-mail the following

    or sign the petition

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