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    Teach your dog to SIT UP or beg:
    This is one trick you should not be teaching a dog that is younger than eight months of age. Before the age of eight months, the dog's back muscles are not fully developed and so it must not be made to sit.

    Teach your dog to SHAKE hands:
    Just hold out your hand and take his foreleg, say the command 'shake' and shake its leg. Give it a treat. Do this a couple of times and the dog will begin to lift its foreleg. At that moment shake the foreleg, say shake and do not forget to give it a treat. The dog will know that it will get a treat every time it extends its foreleg.

    Teach your dog to SPIN:
    When you say spin the dog would spin in a circle at the spot he is standing. Hold out a dog treat in your hand and in such a way that your dog may not be able to have it. Now move your hand in a circular motion and say spin while you do this. After you do it a few more of times, your dog would know that it is expected to spin when you say out that command.

    Teach your dog to GROVEL:
    Start with the pup in a down-stay, and inch the food lure along the ground a little way in front of its nose. If the pup stands up, just try again. Alternatively, move the food lure under some low-slung barrier, such as a bed, coffee table or even under your leg. "Grovel" is helpful for dogs with creeping down-stays. By alternating "Grovel and "Down-Stay," the dog at long-last grasps the essential difference. Now of course, "Grovel," previously the problem that distracted from obedient stays, has become the reward for good down-stays.

    And for the last lesson teach your Dog to DANCE:
    This is very fun, Instruct your Dog to sit and beg, and then raise the lure a couple of head-lengths, so the puppy dog stands on its hind legs. Once the pup can balance for several seconds, it may be enticed to walk forwards or to circle as above.

    Apart from these tricks, you could also teach your dog to Hide, Go to your spot, Give your paw, wave, sit high and bow. You may go about these tricks gradually and step by step. Once your dog has learnt all these, it is going to be great fun!


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