Solution to pickiness on organs (raw)

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    After trying many things wit Pompadour who refused to eat raw organs, I tried things like given them hole, mince, frozen, etc but they didn't work. :mad:

    So I tried blending them and mixing them wit ground meat and it worked well :D but........ the mix it's a horrible sticky mess and it stains everything, it's really hard to clean :cry:

    For me cleaning this mess was really hard since I'm in a medical treatment that has really nasty side effects :/ so it had to be a better way.

    So after experimenting, I found a better way to make the mix to reduce the sticky factor :

    Step 1 : blend the organs, and add a few spoons of canned dog food so the mix is less sticky, also add a bit of water to be easier to blend , put the mix in a small recipent.

    I use canned science diet since it's the only canned dog food I can find without meat-byproducts, I still want to find something to replace this (I have to experiment more)


    Step 2 : drop the mix into an ice maker recipent and freeze it


    Step 3 : mix is finally frozen


    Step 4 : take the cubes and add it in the same place as the ground meat , no more sticky mess.. when you unfreeze the portion, just mix it well wit a spoon.


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