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Discussion in 'Dogs - General Dog Chat' started by yuckaduck, Jul 27, 2005.

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    We don't have to bath Yukon quite as much now. Slowely he is improving. Actually this morning three times we removed him from the crate and no peeing. This seems like a miracle to me right now but it is a start. Better than before when he peed all the time. Also he is abit more confident in the apartment again. So much so that he has started trying to hump my husband. HAHA Better him than me. lol NO OFF seems to be working and he seems to stop right away and then we do abit of obedience with him. He is such a nice doggy and I hope things just continue to improve. :) :D
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    They will. Consistence is the key, especially once you've found something that works! :D
  3. yuckaduck

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    I spoke to soon he's back at it and he has even gone a step furthur and started peeing on the rug. No reason just to be a dope. He'll outgorw it I hope soon. But I have found something that works and I will continue with the same routine.
  4. yuckaduck

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    Nope same as before, peeing in his crate, peeing on the floor when he doesn't want to do anything. Just being a plain dope. He is a pain in the butt and I am really fed up. He cries all night now in the crate and so I don't sleep and then I'm expected to care for him and the kids all day. He better soon smarten up or I'll move him outside on the proch for the daytime because I can't take to much more of this stupidity. Whatever his problem is dear god please grow up.

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