Slight rant about apartment living.

Discussion in 'The Fire Hydrant' started by Sweet72947, Apr 4, 2012.

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    I think this complex is reasonably soundproofed. Heck, once there were cops called on a domestic disturbance one floor below us and we didn't even know anything was going on until I took Miles out and saw the cop cars in the parking lot with their flashing lights on. On my way back up the stairs I did hear some screaming, but in the apartment, we heard nothing (and I'm glad I didn't, angry people trigger a total PTSD reaction because of my childhood, complete with shaking, sweating and complete terror)! I think those neighbors moved out a few months ago, which is good, because I think they were the same neighbors who had the cops called on them twice for getting in horrible fights in the parking lot.

    But I'm not expecting these children to be completely silent, I'd just like a little less THUMP now and then. :)

    We only talked to them once when my roommate first got her night shift job. We think the people who lived here before us may have complained a lot, because when we first moved in and my roommate met the upstairs neighbors one of the first things they told her was to please talk to them if they were too loud and please not call the office! We haven't really had the need to call the office about any noise complaints or anything though.
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    Townhouses can be just as bad if you get one right next to the other!

    I live on base housing now, and it's sorta set up like a townhouse complex. Houses attached to each other on the sides. Oh. My. Lord. I've never been driven so crazy before. BOTH neighbors on BOTH sides sound like herds of elephants with kids. Oh, and there are stairs in these houses. You know what kids like to do on stairs? Run. Jump. Create massive earthquake vibrations that topple glasses and plates, picture frames fall off the's nuts. And they definitely do not care. I tried talking to them about it and they stole our friggin trash can! They also have NO issues using our driveway as their personal parking space. Luckily THAT side is moving out as we speak! The other side, I actually rarely hear the kid, unless it is screaming bloody murder. More often, I hear the parents screaming bloody murder at the kid, slamming things around, yelling in conversation as if they are both deaf, so on and so forth.

    I don't bother telling Zander to keep his voice down anymore. He can wroo wroo all he wants, and would STILL be quieter than these people.

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