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    Imagine a deck of cards featuring a photograph of a different pet on each card, including one or more of your pets. Romania Animal Rescue, Inc. has a new way to make your pet FAMOUS! We will be creating a deck of playing cards with pictures of your pets. Yep, you heard it right – your pet’s picture could be printed on one of the cards in your next winning poker hand! An auction is being held, and the winners of each card get to have their pet’s picture on the winning cards.

    To be a part of this, here’s how you do it:
    1. Register at the “Bidacard” website:
    2. After registering, you will receive an email to activate your account. Just click on the link in the email and your account will be activated.
    3. Once you are registered, go to the Romania Animal Rescue page: (there is a link at the bottom of this page that will take you to the bidding pages)
    4. Locate the card (or cards) you want to have your photograph(s) on (the left navigation allows you to switch between the 4 card suits, the jokers and the box cover)
    5. Enter the maximum amount you would like to bid for each card (you will see right away if you have the highest bid for your card)

    You will be notified by email if and when you have been outbid on a card, allowing you the chance to raise your bid. You can bid on as many cards as you wish, so if you have multiple pets, you can put a different pet on each card. After 2 weeks, the bidding will end and a unique and fabulous deck of cards will be printed with the winning pictures on the face side and the Romania Animal Rescue, Inc. logo on the back. The deck of cards will be professionally printed with the pictures submitted by the winners (winners will be sent instructions as to how to send in their photo). Once printed, you will have the opportunity to buy as many decks as you would like (they make great presents and stocking stuffers!). Proceeds go to Romania Animal Rescue.

    When you bid, be sure to pre-order some decks (we have to have a minimum of 50 to print). You won’t be charged until it’s ready to go to the printer.

    The bidding ends on July 5, 2005 so be sure to go bid soon!

    We see it "in the cards" that your pet should be famous. Spread the word to friends & family, so that their pets can be famous too!

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