Should I be concerned?? Losing undercoat/red spots

Discussion in 'Dog Health Care' started by Dreeza, Aug 2, 2009.

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    K, so Oakley moved down to SC w/me from MI...MUCH hotter down here, obvs.

    Anyways, I use the shedding blade on him & it is just a never ending process...In some spots, I have basically removed his ENTIRE undercoat...the spots that I haven't, its mainly cause he doesn't let me brush cause he just has issues w/his back legs being touched...

    Anyways, i am assuming its just cause its so freaking hot, but not, it seems like the bits of top coat that got removed are growing back in very GRAY/white...

    Also, he gets spots on his belly that are red & irritated, but tend to go away within a day (then re-appear a few days later...etc). He is already getting 2 benadryl/2x day...

    argh...i just sometimes feel like I am neglecting him, but I really don't know what or IF something is wrong!

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