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Discussion in 'The Breeding Ground' started by juliefurry, Aug 29, 2005.

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    If you do not have a fenced yard, you should not have any dog until you get it fenced. Not having a fence is playing roulette with a dog's life. NO breeder I know will sell to a person with no fence around their yard. And it is not fair to the dogs. There is no way they can get proper exercise, unless you road work them. I spent about $20,000 fencing in my property.....just for the safety of the beasts.

    As far as finding a Poodle, contact the Poodle Club Of America for a breeder reference, or about a rescue.
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    I'm not allowed to have a fenced yard, because we are renting. We take them to the tennis court that is a couple blocks away and let them play because it is fenced off really good. I would fence the yard if I could but I can't. When we move we are only looking at houses with fenced yards so we won't have to worry about the dogs. Plus our friends that live in the next town have a fenced yard and we go over there quite often with them.

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