Senior GSD in Southern California - Help, please!!

Discussion in 'Dog Rescue Forum' started by corgi_love, Feb 16, 2014.

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    Hello, I used to be a semi-frequent poster here a few years ago. My boyfriend's (families) dog, Missy, is in need of rehoming- urgently. She has a bad home situation and everyone's hands are tied. My boyfriend's father says she needs to be out otherwise he is going to drop her off somewhere(??) or euthanize her(!!!). The rest of us all live in apartments or out of the country/state, so none of us are in a position to help her out of this. We are desperate.

    She is a senior(about 11 years old), but is in excellent health. Her last check-up at the vet was less than a month ago and she is fully vaccinated. She does have some minor arthritis and cataracts, which she is given medicine for. Due to her age and arthritis, she doesn't do a lot activity wise, and cannot go on very long walks. Some of her family members have offered to PAY FOR HER MEDICAL CARE so she continue on her medications.

    She is an extremely friendly dog. She loves all people, is fine with: children, other dogs, cats(she may try to chase a cat if it runs, but it's purely playful- she's never injured any animal or person). She is a very relaxed dog, but would be happy with some kind of backyard and obviously really strives on affection.

    If anyone can help please let me know!!!

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    It sad to know about this dogs situation. Did she have a new home already? I hope someone adapted her already.

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