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    I thought I would share since a) many sci-fi peeps here, and b) two of the charities are dog related!
    Please copy and paste and share around Facebook!
    Ok all my nerd, and nerdette friends, the 2013 Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo is gearing up to be a great one! But they also have some VIP tickets up for auction, supporting some wonderful, and a couple dog related charities! Having had VIP the last couple year I gotta say its the best way to go! If you're planning on attending the first batch are up in support of these great charities!
    The Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo is auctioning off 5 VIP passes on eBay in an effort to raise funds for various charities.

    The auction will close on April 10th at 4:27PM MST. But have no fear! If you are unable to snag a VIP pass this time around, 5 more will become available once the first auction closes!

    Charities that are being supported in BATCH ONE (ending April 10th at 4:27PM MST):
    The Somaly Mam Foundation
    Sanctuary for Kids
    Pound Rescue Okotoks
    Prairie Pit bull Rescue
    Second Chance Animal Rescue Society

    What the CCEE is all about

    Link to auctions!

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