Save a person's life today - KY alert URGENT

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    PLEASE TELL ANYONE/EVERYONE YOU KNOW in Kentucky (or any state without power). I don't know how you can reach them, but please let them know a KEROSENE HEATER can save their life---and the lives of their pets!!

    We purchased one during the last power outage--and we still use it several times a week (now it merely saves us a good chunk of money). PLEASE alert family, friends, shelters, rescues, etc., NO ONE HAS TO FREEZE TO DEATH DURING THIS OUTAGE. We purchased ours from Home Depot.

    Feel free to crosspost.
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    Please remind people to be very careful when using kerosene heaters. Make sure it has the feature of automatically shutting off if bumped or tipped and has adequate guards and grills. Be sure there is adequate ventilation, as the heaters usually create fumes. Don't leave home until the kerosene heater is off. Use only 1-K grade kerosene.
    For a better list of dos and don'ts, see NASD at

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