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    I am a newbie here so I'll remind you that Sam is a 9 week old red tri Aussie. She is all that I want in a puppy! I am so happy to have her. We got her Sunday and have only had a few accidents..all my fault. She will not be crated and that is a huge obstacle! I keep her next to me in our bedroom tethered to the bed at night and she whines when she needs to potty. I am amazed at how smart she is. She follows me around everywhere.I totally agree with the VELCRO analogy! I can't use the bathroom without her laying on my feet. I love it!! I just wanted to let you all know that I am super happy about her and look forward to sharing my growing up puppy stories with you! I am a firm believer in daily picture taking so I hope you guys are ready for tons of Sam pic's! ;)


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