Runny stools in both dogs

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    I need some renowned Chaz advice/vibes please!

    Chewy started having frequent diarrhea on Wednesday, continuing (but much less) through Thursday and once this morning. I withheld food for 24 hours, and fed her rice and chicken twice today. I thought she was better, but when I took her out before bed, it was back.

    Lola had been perfectly fine up until this evening (I was actually marveling at how healthy her poop was, like a total weirdo), but now she's started as well, exactly the same way as Chewy.

    What is going on? I've never had this happen with either of them so I'm kind of panicking! Our vet is closed for the weekend, and I am kicking myself for not calling sooner. I'm looking after the 4 dogs by myself while the folks are away, I don't drive, and the vet is in the next city. In a pinch I can get a ride.

    Neither dog is lethargic, dehydrated, tense in the stomach, lost their appetites... nothing. Just really watery, green/yellow stools, several times a day, with straining. No blood or mucus. Chewy's stomach has been gurgling pretty often, but she's so stoic I can't really tell if she's in discomfort. On Thursday she was panting more than usual, if that means anything. She also vomited twice, once Wednesday night (basically threw up undigested dinner) and once Thursday (just foam).

    I was considering getting some Pepto Bismol from the store tomorrow, and planning on fasting Lola for the day and feeding Chewy smaller and more frequent meals. I'm just afraid that because it's gone on 3 days already that it's not just a simple upset stomach, especially now that Lola has the same thing.

    What do I do?!

    ETA: They both eat Costco brand dry food. They've been on it all summer. They have never had any issue with any food at all, regardless of quality.
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