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    I could've sworn I had posted this topic a couple of days ago, but I must have not hit the post button or something? :p

    I have promoted my grandmother's whippet boy, Locke to Chief Jogging Partner. I went for a ten minute jog with him the other day at a slower rate than my usual running and he didn't even start puffing. He is a very fit, two year old dog. He seems to enjoy the running better than walking and, truth be told, so do I. I'm a naturally slow walker and he has this beautiful gait that requires a faster pace.

    Yesterday I stretched it out to 30 minutes, being mindful that he may need to stop and rest or call it quits. Nope. Again, he wasn't even puffing. It's winter here, but it's not ridiculously cold... it's unusual for us to hit below 8 or 9 c here.

    My question is, how do I ensure that I don't over do it with him? What should I be doing to build up his fitness? I figure that I may just jog with him at this pace for a few weeks and perhaps slowly increase to 45 minutes, before adding in a little bit more speed on shorter runs (seriously, I'm not that much faster on my usual runs lol and I'd seriously appreciate that motivation of having Locke with me). Does this sound like a good plan?

    Does anyone have any experiences with this? This dog just seems to happily take anything I throw at him, I just want to make sure I'm not expecting too much.

    Here is a really ordinary photo of my little man. My better pics are on another computer. Isn't he gorgeous? :D


    Edit for resizing - I hope that's not too big??

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