Running across the bridge, Chouchi

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    It took me a while before I was able to write this. The days have been so depressing after you left, Chouchi. Everyone would be okay one minute, and then we, the family, have a sudden memory of you pop into our heads, and we just can't help but frown at the thought.

    We knew for some time that you weren't quite right, but we ignore the signs as we were very blinded. You must have been suffering from your demons as well, turning into something you are not and trying to hurt us. We knew that deep down inside, you were not a monster, but a great companion. The way you jumped in between my brothers and sisters when they are fighting, or how you protected our friend from people who were trying to beat her up. The way you would sleep by the door to make sure no one came in to hurt us, or that loving face you get when we come after leaving you in the house.

    You have brought a broken family together, because dealing with your problems has actually brought us more closely to each other. I sometimes think that God wanted us to get you, because I doubt any other dog could have brought us more together than you have.

    You have tested our limits with dogs. You had every bad thing in the book, and yet, we did not give you up. It makes me angry that people will give their dogs up for hair problems, or even dog aggression problems.

    And I have to say, that even through all the bad things that occurred, thank you. Thank you for being here, thank you for loving us, thank you for being our dog. Because of you, my love for dogs have increased ten foiled. You made me realize what dogs can bring to a family, and you made my family realize that too.

    No dog could compare to what you brought us, and just know that you are surely missed.

    Have fun at the rainbow bridge!
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    What a beautiful memorial to Chouchi. I can tell there was much love shared between all.

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