Rosey, you're going to make them ask me to leave the store

Discussion in 'Dogs - General Dog Chat' started by JessLough, Apr 12, 2012.

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    So there's a Starbucks like 10 minute walk from my house, if that. So whenever I go, I usually take Rosey with me. They have a doggy station set up outside, it's a leash holder and a bowl of water. I can see the station from inside, so I don't mind leaving her out there for the 3 minutes I'm in there.

    So as normal, I took her with me this morning. I go stand in line to wait, look over to check on her, and I see her. Right there, at the door, making sure I don't forget about her. Then I see the people. The ones who are keeping their distance from her, but trying to figure out how to get in. So I go to the door and tell her to get back to her area. I let the people in, go back to the line, turn back around to see......

    Roseys face at the door, waiting for me. :rofl1:

    Apparently she thinks I'm going to forget about her and not buy her a treat or something :p Dang dog is going to get me kicked out, I know it.

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