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Discussion in 'Dog Rescue Forum' started by HoundMusic, Mar 13, 2010.

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    I must be out of my mind for doing this, but a few weeks ago, I took in two male Beagles from a hunter who was cutting back on his hounds in not so nice a way :mad: They are both young dogs, 4yo, not too active, but one dog seems to have separation anxiety. Both under-socialized, but seemingly nice, friendly dogs that get along with my other hounds and I think would be great pets for the right home. They just need time and patience -- unfortunately, I do not have the time, nor is my health in good enough shape to work with them much. As a side note, they both appear to have been mishandled on a regular basis :thumbdown:

    I have tried local Beagle rescue, and they have been utterly useless. Both boys are recently vaccinated (Galaxy DA2PPv-CV), de-wormed, and are on HW prevention. One has a mild ear infection, which is being treated, otherwise, they are very healthy. One is 80% housebroken, the other seems to be fully house trained already and is picking up the little obedience I've been attempting with him.

    If anyone could foster one or both of these dogs or if knows of a no kill rescue that can take them in, PLEASE let me know. PM me or e-mail is

    BTW, have pics of both Beagles, will upload ASAP... Oh. I am in the NYC area.

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