Rave Update and Brags

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    Long time, no chat Chazzers! My home computer had crashed and in the shop, and my school computer blocks this site *grumble*. Anyways, Rave is doing fantastic as usual. We've gone to two shows over the winter, and attended one herding clinic.

    At the NADAC trial, he got another leg towards his Novice Jumpers title, and finished his Novice Tunnelers in a 1st place run with a 5.89 YPS! Then in February, we went to an ASCA show. Obedience wise, he finished his CD and we got HIT Junior on the second day. Agility, he finished his JJ-N and got one leg towards Novice Regular and Novice Gamblers, and we went HIT Junior on Saturday!

    He did marvelous at the Tenley Dexter herding clinic, if only I had the capacity to fully take advantage of his potential!

    Of course, some photos.


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