Quick help, please! Question about maggots and inducing vomiting...

Discussion in 'Dog Health Care' started by Unshifted, Jun 1, 2009.

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    (My dog eats everything!)

    I was outside with my dog and he quickly grabbed some gross piece of meat or something that I didn't see quick enough to avoid! I quickly got my hand in his mouth to get it out, but he never, ever unlocks his jaw when he wants something. I was just trying to prevent him from swallowing it.

    I picked him up and went back into the house quickly and told my boyfriend to get him a treat, so that he might see the treat and drop the gross meat.

    Well, it kind of worked. I managed to scrape some of the meat out of his mouth but I still think that he might have swallowed some of it. I don't know how much he swallowed because it all happened so fast, and I didn't see how big it was.

    I was trying to figure out what it was (I still can't) when I realized that there were maggots crawling on it. Ugh. This was right after dinner, so I feel sick now :p

    Anyway, I called the vet and they told me to induce vomiting using hydrogen peroxide. They told me 1-2 teaspoons, watch him carefully to see if he vomits and if he doesn't, to give him another teaspoon in 10 minutes or so.

    My dog is only about 17/18lbs and I looked it up and you should give 2 teaspoons per every 20lbs. Anyway, I gave it to him and he vomited but there wasn't a lot of the meat in the vomit (although there was one maggot...ugh) anyway, I called the vet back and explained that while he vomited, there wasn't a lot of the meat in the vomit and they told me to give him another teaspoon, since I only gave him one.

    My question to you is...should I? I feel bad about giving this to my dog, and I'm not sure what to do =/ He DID vomit and everything that I can find says to only give him more teaspoons if he HASN'T vomited after the first attempt.

    I know that the window in which to give him the stuff is closing, so I would appreciate any responses. What should I do? What would YOU do?
  2. Quit worrying. Poor dog could not even enjoy his fabulous stinky treat without you trying to swipe it?


    These kinds of things are harmless to almost all dogs.
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    I've given more than 2 teaspoons to Auggie before - he's 15 pounds. He does usually throw up a little at first, and then throws up more later (around 15 minutes later), but if he doesn't, I give more. When he's harfing up yellow foamy that means his stomach is empty. I've probably given 3, 3.5 teaspoons before...

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